Nicki Minaj Sports Hot Pink Chicken Wing Necklace

Nicki Minaj Chicken Necklace

Nicki Minaj in the iHeartRadio Music Festival portrait studio on Sept. 24.
Photo: WireImage

OK, Nicki Minaj. We officially no longer doubt your love for chicken wings. I mean, when we saw you on Good Morning America last month sporting a chicken wing onstage as an accessory we thought it'd be a fleeting thing, but nuh-uh. Girl is FOR REAL about her deep fried waangs. This weekend she sported a chicken wing necklace at the iHeartRadio Music Festival paired with an embellished pink tutu dress, hot pink bra, space-age tights, larger-than-life blonde permed hair, and plastic neon accessories. But we're not gonna lie—when we first saw this necklace we cocked our head to the side all, "Huh? What IS that?" because from far away it kinda looks like a glob of cotton candy or a clogged artery or insulation (I knowwww, SO CHIC!). But upon closer inspection, there was no doubt that it was DEFINITELY a wing. A really, really girly wing.

The most uh-mazing thing about this particular necklace is that it has totally been Minaj-ified. It's HOT PINK. Like, what screams Barbie more than that? Nothing. Also, paired with a buttload of gold chains makes it absolutely POIFECT for Ms. Nicki. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better than her sporting ice cream and a soft pretzel around her neck, Nicki pulled out ALL the stops with this edible accessory. Also, if you're a fan of wearing food on your clothes, this necklace can be yours for around $80. (It's on sale!) Although we'd be worried that people would side-eye us for salivating every time we looked at ourselves in the mirror. WHAT? IT'S THE CHICKEN, I SWEAR.

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