Missing The Poof? 'Spread Snooki' App Adds The Signature Hairstyle To Any Picture

MTV's Spread Snooki app helps you add a little poof to any picture.
Photo: MTV/Gaby Wilson

As every loyal meatball aficionado knows, Jersey Shore's Princess of Poughkeepsie, Snooki, has taken a break from her signature poof in favor of less gravity-defying 'dos. Now, don't get us wrong, we love the maturity of these new hairstyles she's dabbling in—the sleek and straight multi-colored streaks, the bouncy voluminous curls, THE BANGS—but sometimes we get a little nostalgic about that teased up crown tuft she wore when we first fell in love with her. Thankfully, there's an app for that! The hilarious/amazing/productivity-murdering Spread Snooki app breathes a little more poof into your everyday life. And OK right, this is an MTV-made app, so this borders into smarmy self-promotional territory, but even if Michael Smith of Middleburg, USA made this thing, we'd be writing about it because HELLO, Snooki's face on the Statue of Liberty is worth all of the words.

Sure. Technically, you could just Google image "snooki poof" to quench your thirst for the tonsorial wonderling, but the long-term fun factor of that option is nowhere close to comparable. While the app has already been available for more than a year, the widespread need for it has never been greater than it is right now, in light of the now-defunct bump. If you haven't already downloaded it, Spread Snooki comes with a whopping 14 Snookalicious templates to add to literally any picture you want. Make Snooki the new tan face of one of your city's most famous monuments or your long-lost cousin fist-pumping alongside your grandparents in every family portrait or...or WHATEVER because the possibilities are endless, and there's nothing that makes a Monday more bearable than a picture of Snooki perched atop your desk tchotchkes.

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