Lauren Conrad Is Upping Her Business Game With A New Beauty Line!

Lauren Conrad in a high bun and bold lips at the 2011 Us Weekly Hot Hollywood party.
Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to Lauren Conrad, there really isn't anything this modern businesswoman can't do. She's a fashion designer for not one but two different lines (LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's and Paper Crown), a New York Times best-selling author of four books, and a blogger for Forbes (which is the biz BIG TIME) in addition to running two of her own websites, a signature social networking site and The Beauty Department, which is all about makeup and beau-TAY (obvs). If you're a super fan of the former Hills-ie (like us, duh), then you're probably well aware of all of LC's inspiring accomplishments, but did you know that she's not done yet? Have you grasped that she's only just begun? Mark our words, we anticipate a full-on LAUREN CONRAD GLOBAL TAKEOVER in the coming years. Case in point, the recent announcement that she's going to start a beauty LINE.

In her latest Forbes column, our fave "celebpreneur" says that she is expanding The Beauty Deapartment by "executing an actual line very soon—stay tuned." Oh, we'll STAY TUNED, LC, don't you worry about that. We'll be eyelash-glued to every single announcement you MAKE regarding this new line! We've already envisioned floral-embossed eye shadow and can only imagine what kind of pastel product loveliness will adorn our wan, office-spackled visages in the near future (we're assuming hair care, nails, and all kinds of cosmetic tricks 'n' treats). The Beauty Department has already taught us everything from fishtail braids and blue moon nails to how to cure a dry scalp by using Listerine. That's some serious beauty business acumen right there, so we're expecting a well thought-out, fresh, and unique line. Not unlike LC herself.

When you think about it, how many reality stars have turned their sometimes short-lived TV existences into lucrative careers in other areas? How many have carved a new path and challenged others to think about them in a different way? Very few. Miss C is an anomaly and has proven, through years of hard work, that when you put your vision into action you can transform yourself into something unexpected—perhaps even something amazing—that affects others in positive ways. Lucky for us, Lauren Conrad's transformation includes the actual transformation of US, too. That's pretty beautiful, indeed.

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