Jared Leto Rocks Slicked-Back 'Do, Furry Beard

Jared Leto and a fan.
Photo: Courtesy of 30SecondsToMars.com

In case you haven't been stalking Jared Leto all summer long like we have, the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman recently ditched his spiky 'do for a sleeker, slicked back look. We spotted him hanging with some mega fans (um, is that Jared's name tattooed on a dude's stomach? That's some SERIOUS Echelon dedication, y'all. *slow clap*) last week, and we noticed he gave his locks some little extra comb and pomade lovin'. We love this new look! There's something super hot about a guy who takes care of his hair, and we definitely think this is a step up from his wild Dragon Ball Z 'do. (What? It just seems like it would hurt to touch it. Don't kill us, Echelon.) Also, haiiiii scruffy little beard. Nom nom nom.

We are (openly) obsessed with a good beard when we see one, and, DANG, this one is good. It's not too neckbeard-y, not too mustache-y, and it's filled in in all the right places, (Extra props if you trim that shiz, Jared!) and it's perfect paired with his new hair so he doesn't come across as too clean cut. We like our boys a little rough around the edges, but still care about things like, oh, you know, showering. Though Jared copped a few inches off his height with his new hair, we have to admit we prefer a Jared who's a little more down to earth (literally). But, knowing Jared, he'll change his hair up faster than we can say "hurricane." I mean, just last year he went from brunette mohawk to "pomegranate" mohawk to bleach blonde mohawk. THEN, he shaved it all off and bleached it, and then dyed it bright blue. WHEW. It's hard keepin' up! But what do you think? Do you like Jared's new 'do?

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