The Cast Of 'Jersey Shore' Gets Style Transformation After Jimmy Fallon's 'Jersey Floor'

The cast of "Jersey Shore" gets a new look for Jimmy Fallon's "Jersey Floor."
Photo: Courtesy of NBC

Go ahead and rub your eyes, but this picture of Jimmy Fallon and the cast of Jersey Shore (or most of it) is no dream. That is 100 percent Vinny and Ronnie in seventies era golf-dad-meets-used-car-salesman attire. Yes, that's JWOWW rocking a conservative hemline (and a hairstyle swacked straight off Madge from The Golden Girls). You're not making up that Snooki is blowing a kiss straight at the camera lens beneath a glossy chin-length bob. And for the last time, you really are seeing Sammi "Sweetheart" in a bun and shoulder sweater peering out from behind Deena in a top-buttoned cardigan and full A-line skirt. The Jersey kids' new looks are part of a HI-LARIOUS edition of Jimmy Fallon's Jersey Shore parody series, Jersey Floor, featured on Wednesday night's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Ronnie and Vinny dance with Jimmy "J-Bro" Fallon and Shake Weights on "Jersey Floor."
Photo: Courtesy of NBC

The cast shows up on the Jersey Floor to party with Jimmy "J-Bro" Fallon, Rachel "Drootchie" Dratch, Steve "The Inflation" Higgins and the other Jers-ified alter egos of Jimmy's Late Night crew. Rock-hard blowout-sporting J-Bro applauds them for partying "on a different level," going so far as to dub them "geniuses," and as avid followers of the cast know, that shouldn't come as a surprise. Mostly, though, we're just in love with the dead-on Shore impressions and, of course, the cast's amazing retro candy-colored style transformation, but don't just take our word for it—peep the entire video below for yourself!

Snooki and Rachel "Drootchie" Dratch on "Jersey Floor."
Photo: Courtesy of NBC


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