Jean Paul Gaultier Models Spiky Mohawk Sunglasses, Now We Want A Pair

Jean Paul Gaultier at the Jean Paul Gaultier Eyeglasses by Mikli launch on Sept. 22.
Photo: WireImage

Whoaaaa, WHAT? Yesterday, beloved French designer Jean Paul Gaultier was spotted sporting some amazeballs Mohawk sunglasses at a Jean Paul Gaultier Eyeglasses by Mikli launch in Paris. And, um, we need these immediately. (Psst! Alain Mikli is known for designing Kanye West's shutter shades.) The black alien-esque frames have black studs across the top and a huge headband that extends up and around the back of the head with black spikes protruding from it. Though it's borderline head thong territory, we think these migghhttt be the most badass sunglasses we've ever seen. It's like putting on an insta-Mohawk with any outfit! Plus, we live in an "up-and-coming" section of Brooklyn so this could REALLY come in handy if anyone tries to mug us—just head-butt 'em, you know? They'd be goners. Also, is it just us, or does this REALLY remind you of Lady Gaga's spiked Mohawk headgear from the 2010 VMAs?

We wouldn't be surprised of Mr. JPG was inspired by Ms. Gaga for this collab—I mean, last time we saw them together he was spanking her in a nun costume. But hey, we don't judge.

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