Lady Gaga And Ke$ha Wear Sprinkles: Is Cupcake Face A Trend To Watch?

Ke$ha at the Baby G watch launch in San Francisco on Sept. 14, 2011, and Lady Gaga on the cover of "V Magazine."
Photo: Couresty of Baby-G / John Storey / V Magazine

We're not claiming that the stylized fashion cues of Ke$ha and Lady Gaga would immediately be attempted by normals, but is gluing a pile of sparkles onto your forehead and cheeks so as to resemble a doughnut, cupcake, or sundae going to be a thing now?

First Gaga's scintillating visage graced the cover of V, then Ke$ha shows up in the Bay promoting her new watch collaboration similarly adorned with a be-beaded mug, and we can't help but wonder if face sprinkles (or "jimmies" if you hail from New England) are going to catch on. With sequins and shards storming the runways on the skinny-minnie torsos of many a model at New York Fashion Week it would seem a logical next move for those bits of glint to migrate upward given that face glitter is now as much a mainstay as it is mainstream.

All we can say is that we happily welcome anything that makes pop stars look as if their features are complemented by shiny tectonic plates that can shift as they smize. Plus, we heartily support anything that makes the famous faces that we stalk online look like confections. Mostly because we are famished. Now, if only cats would jump on the bandwagon because that ish would be SO CUTE. Also, conflicting because if cats made us hungry that would make us SO ALF Not that being a cannibal is any better. No disrespect to those of you who eat people because, really, what do we know about your lives?

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