Snooki Is Your 'Jersey Shore' Style Champ Of The Night (Season 4, Episode 8)

Snooki gets into a car accident in Italy.
Photo: MTV

Last week's episode of Jersey Shore ended just as Snooki was smashing into the back of an Italian cop car. Girl was getting breathalized, there were talks of the crew getting kicked out of Italy, the boys rushed her most important documents to the scene of the crime.... Needless to say, it was drama with a capital "D" for sure. But in all the hubbub, we neglected to give proper note to these BONKERS chained up sunnies she's wearing mid-crash. Um, HAI. *waves* Want. Except, could they have possibly contributed to the accident? Hmm...we'll turn a blind eye this time, Snooks, and trust that the brake was really malfunctioning, but next time, maybe relegate these to pedestrian outings. Never one to disappoint, Snooki didn't stop there and kept the style running on all cylinders for the rest of the ep.

Snooki tries on outfits before Jionni's visit.
Photo: MTV

This Jerzday marked the long-awaited Florence visit of Snooki's boyfriend, Jionni, and like any anxious girlfriend would, she tried on a veritable parade of outfit possibilities for that moment her beau would first see her after a long bout of physical separation. The ensembles ranged from hipster clubby to boudoir-esque to day at the races until Snooks finally settled on the perfect one.

Snooki is excited to have Jionni in Italy.
Photo: MTV

Though initially Snooki says she thinks she looks like a cop (ironic?) in her selection, we think the accessories game she displays in this outfit's execution is something to watch. That metallic belt? The trendy cross necklace? And THOSE SHOES. Blangin' sueded booties? I mean, that is just so much yes. WERQUE. Snooks, the night may not have ended quite in your favor (no spoilers if you're reading this without getting caught up first, and also, come on), but we feel for you. For the exemplary personal style you exhibited in this episode, we thereby crown you the reigning Style Champ of the Night.

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