Can Snooki's Pout Do No Wrong? Or Is A Tan Plus Frosted Lipstick A Fail?

Snooki wearing pale frosty lips.
Photo: Courtesy of Snooki's Twitter

Seeing the words "Snooki" and "pale" in the same sentence is, I think, surprising to the point of reality-bending. Like, I'm expecting the walls to start melting and crying at any moment, and yet all things are the same save the juxtaposition of these two words. I guess I should be a little less freaked out since the paleness is relegated to the Snookster's lips and not the entirety of her prized bronze skin, but still. Shocking, right?? Our Jersey Shore princess has been rocking this frosted lipstick look for at least a couple weeks now, and we're still shuffling our feet, not sure how we feel about it.

It's not necessarily that we don't like it (um, HAI, funky lip color is WAY in for next spring); it's just like... #questionmark? Maybe it's because lipstick and rouge in general originate from a history of trying to make face parts LESS pale, more something,something "healthy-looking" or whatever. Or maybe it's the stark difference between the pale pout and mega-pigmented everything else. IDK y'all, the jury's still out, and we're just scratching our heads a little bit. Help us out and let us know what you think!

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