Is Taylor Lautner Trying To Grow A Beard? We Investigate

Taylor Lautner's beard from both sides at the "Abduction" premiere on Sept. 15.
Photo: Getty Images

Something hairy is going on with Taylor Lautner, guys. When we spotted him at an Abduction premiere a couple days ago we noticed he had, like, stuff on his face. We were all, "Ew, what is that? Lint? Cat hair?" Thanks to our incredible zooming capabilities (aka Photoshop), we were able to uncover that the "stuff" on his face was actually hair. Or, as some say, "beard." But is Tay Tay actually trying to grow a beard to warm up for the winter months or is it just a little 5 o'clock shadow from a day of not shaving? Well, let's take a closer look, friends. (Personally we'll find ANY excuse to stare at Mr. Lautner for lengthy periods of time.)

First off, this beard is full of trickery! If you look at the 'stache nice and close (yeah, get that nose riiigghhtt up in your computer screen/cell phone), the hairs are short. Hmmmm. Currriousss. I mean, we're not gonna get all technical here with the hair follicle length, but that mustache is definitely in stubble territory. As we move down his face into the soul patch region *shudders* the hairs start to look a little longer—we'd guess about a week's worth of length. Then we go into a hairless no man's land and BAM. NECK BEARD. And wheewwww, boy! Those hairs are LONG. That looks like it hasn't been touched in almost a month, and funnily enough, the last time we saw Taylor with a clean-shaven face was at the VMAs (nearly a month ago)! A-HA! Did we just solve a beard mystery, guys?! I think we did. *high five* But, um, sorry Taylor, we prefer you clean-shaven. It's have great skin and you shouldn't hide it, you know? Heh. WE STILL LOVE YOU, TAY TAY.

Conclusion: Yes.

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