Tavi Gevinson Is Dripping In Chanel For 'L'Officiel' Magazine

Tavi Gevinson on the October issue of "L'Officiel."
Photo: Courtesy of L'Officiel

BREAKING: Fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson is still 15 and still awesome. We have proof. Just...just look at the above photo. On the cover of French magazine L'Officiel, Tavi is propped on an oversized gold chair smothered in nothing but black and white Chanel. Uhhh-mazing. Luckily, we took enough French in high school (French 3 Honors, NBD *hair flip*) to decipher that Ms. Gevison was shot by renown (and super French) photographer Jean-Paul Goude for the mag's 90th anniversary. Gosh, could it GET any more Frenchy up in here? (Cue Francophiles miming in happiness.) Frenchiness aside, we're kind of in love with her two-tone tights (polka dots!), patent ankle boots, pearl belt, quilted chain bag, larger-than-life hair bow, ruff collared shirt, and clear pink glasses. But when we recently caught up with Tavi about her own mag (called Rookie), she wasn't sporting her signature gray bob like we see here. Guys, it's going to be a nanosecond before Ms. Gevinson becomes overlord of the entire world wide web! Cannot WAIT to see what she'll wear. Hopefully it'll involve some sort of gigantic scepter and cape.

{via Fashionista}

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