Selena Gomez Talks Shopping And Justin Bieber In 'Fashion Magazine'

Selena Gomez on the cover of "Fashion Magazine."
Photo: Courtesy of "Fashion Magazine"

Oh, girl. Selena Gomez done DONE it again! You may remember her smolderingly adult chicness in a little multipage spread for Elle Mexico. Sel rocked the understated classy DAYLIGHTS out of that shoot, and she's now brought her seasoned cover girl chops to Canada's Fashion Magazine. Though the spread isn't quite as exhaustive as the Elle one, she's nonetheless exuding boatloads of self-assured maturity that we would totally bottle and pawn off as our own if we could. The soft drape of this plum jersey dress, its classy but also seductive wide neckline, the balancing of all that collarbone with a demure three-quarter length sleeve, even the ease with which she carries those humongous earrings without flinching—they're all proof that girl's a pro; she knows what she's doing.

Selena Gomez for "Fashion Magazine."
Photo: Courtesy of "Fashion Magazine"

Despite being so consistently well-dressed, Selena reveals she isn't a mall rat by any means and really has to "be in the mood to go shopping." She adds, "I can't stand shopping for jeans—I hate having to try them on. But I can shop for shoes for days." Sel's appearance in the Canadian mag coincides nicely with the release of her Canadian tour dates, and being that she's dating one of Canada's (and let's be honest, the WORLD'S) biggest pop stars, she shared her favorite Justin Bieber Canadianisms with the mag: "He says, 'Eh?' a lot.... And 'Lookit.' He says that's a Canadian thing, too, but I don't know."

{via Fashion Magazine}

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