Eliza Doolittle, Kelis, And Karine Vanasse Lace Up Their Heels For Fall

Eliza Doolittle, Kelis, and Karine Vanasse wear hot shoes.
Photo: Getty Images

Maybe I'm the only one who has been clutching so tightly onto summer, fighting off autumn with such unbridled objection, but now that the crisp chill of fall is finally creeping into my hardened heart, I'm warming up (*ironic ba dum tsh*) to the idea of a change in seasons. Also, the clothes are kind of... better during the cooler months. Sure, things get dicey once snow and sleet hit and you're relegated (slash demanded daily by your mom no matter how many miles away she is) to wearing parkas and sensible shoes, but you have to admit that just as the leaves start to turn and the air thins slightly, the layering party preceding the winter solstice is just so FUN! You may shed a few tears as you stow away those trusty sandals that got you through the summer's dog days, but fear not, young one! Eliza Doolittle, Kelis, and Pan Am actress Karine Vanasse show you what closed-toed goodness fall has in store.

This week, these three lovely ladies each wore variations of a laced-up heel, a style that we predict we'll be seeing well into the winter months, with heels growing thicker and easier to tread on as precipitation picks up in the winter. Eliza's pair toes the line between summer and fall with a suede upper and bright color. Kelis's leopard printed booties show how a wild print can still play well with neutrals and ties together her satin + leather ensemble. Karine adds pop to her LBD with this ornate set of mixed media lace-ups. The style is both totally on-trend and weather-appropriate through Spring, so get the most mileage out of them and pick up a sturdy pair of them now!


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