Ryan Gosling Wears Extremely Tight Pants On 'Conan' Can't Pay Attention To Anything Else

Ryan Gosling on 'Conan' Sept. 19.
Photo: Courtesy of Meghan Sinclair/Team Coco

This post needs a disclaimer: We're gross. Just for this one particular sliver of internet space for one particular moment in time, we're gonna get a little raunchy. OK, now that that's off our backs, whewwww. *adjusts sleeves, cracks neck* Let's get this par-tay started! So Ryan Gosling was on Conan last night, and wow. Wowwww. He looked, heh, dapper. *dabs sweat off forehead* He wore a light gray checkered two-button suit with a crisp white shirt, black skinny tie, and shined-up black shoes. And we were all, "Yayyy. Ryan. La dee daaaa," like every other girl when he walked on set. But then, Mr. Gosling sat down and our brains EXPLODED.

Andy Richter and Ryan Gosling on 'Conan' Sept. 19.
Photo: Courtesy of Meghan Sinclair/Team Coco

His pants. They are so tight. When he took a seat, his gargantuan quads caused the seams to ripple and OH GOD. We can't handle it. *cries* This might be the one time we're high-fiving an ill-fitting suit because dang. It's on Ryan Gosling, and we're so grateful we could BARF. And, like, if you really want to get into it, like really grossly into it, roughly five minutes into the interview there's a great money shot. Then, at around eight minutes, he stands up and climbs over his chair and you get an even more fantastic tight glut shot from behind. Is this TMI? Probably. Are we disgusting? Yes. But we're here for the people—the Ryan Gosling fans of the world who just want to appreciate his impeccable beauty, flawless hair, and designer duds. So please, do yourself a favor and watch the interview below. We think he said some cute stuff, but we can't really remember because we were too busy ogling his skin-tight suit pants.

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