Jared Leto Style Stalkings: Painted Nails, Pant-Skirts, And Ink-Stained Shirts Galore

Balthazar Getty and Jared Leto rocking painted nails at Terry Richardson's studio.
Photo: Courtesy of Terry Richardson's Tumblr

Listen, sometimes Jared Leto just wears so much funky stuff within one week that we can't handle it, but because were a little, um, busy with New York Fashion Week we didn't have the time to stalk him like we usually do. Which is a lot. But don't worry—WE DIDN'T FORGET ABOUT YOU, JARED (Echelon, we haven't forgotten about you, either), we're just catching up on all his style haps and WHEW, BOY. We are mighty pleased with his clothing offerings as of late. First up: Jared Leto at Terry Richardson's studio this weekend. He's just hanging out with actor Balthazar Getty, all NBD in an oversized fedora, signature cutout tee, black aviators, and—our favorite part—black painted fingernails. Dudes rocking painted nails is kind of REALLY hot (as we've seen on our favorite Korean boy band Big Bang) and seeing them on Jared is no different. But this was just the WEE tip of the iceberg, friends. Please follow us into the Leto lair of style, where we can get lost in even MORE ensembles. Bwahahaha.

Jared Leto sporting a skirt at Barneys on Sept. 10.
Photo: WireImage

A little over a week ago we spotted Jared perusing around town in this—a skirt. He's not as fearless as we thought because he opted for pants under his mini, but we have an even bigger issue on our hands (heh)—what's he wearing on his wrists? Are those...wrist straitjackets? They're obviously not gloves to keep his hands warm because his digits are dangling in the breeze, but why the buckles? Why must his hands be so tightly contained? Also, his manirt (man-skirt, obviously) has HUGE pockets. Women's skirts rarely come with pockets, and IF THEY DO, they're all tiny and useless and stuff. We're officially jeals, Jared.

Jared Leto wearing an inky shirt with the rest of 30 Seconds To Mars in China on Sept. 14.
Photo: Getty Images

When we first saw this pic, our immediate reaction was to dig through our purse for a Tide To Go pen. Then we started wondering, "What could have gone wrong?" Was it a 30 Seconds To Mars album release signing party gone BERSERK? Did he wash his clothes with a whole pack of black BICS? We may NEVER know, but we still think Jared looks hot. He rocks those ink stains like no one we've EVER seen. Werkkkk.

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