Snooki Dyes Hair Purple, Bedazzles Accessories

Snooki with purple tips and tons of accessories at The Daily Beauty Bar on Sept. 13.
Photo: Getty Images

We know one thing for sure—even when Snooki has downtime, she still always manages to figure out SOMETHING interesting to do. Just this past week, our Jersey Shore girl dyed some of her blonde streaks royal purple for a punk ’do we’re REALLY into. (But bright colored hair is nothing new for Snooks; she’s rocked hot pink tips before!) Little did we know, dyeing her hair fun colors was just the beginning of last week’s stylish adventures—she decided to have an all-out arts and crafts session by bedazzling some of her favorite accessories. And we ALL KNOW how much Snooki loves her accessories! (What? Are you doubting us? HOW DARE YOU. Proof. Also, can you say sunglasses/slippers/flip-flop line? Yeahhh.)

Snooki’s bedazzling equipment.
Photo: Courtesy of @Sn00ki’s Twitter

Snooki’s first step to bedazzlement? Getting the right supplies. And by “right supplies,” we mean bum-rushing the nearest Michaels for every sparkle in sight (oh, and bows too!). Let’s see here, she’s got multicolored rhinestones, silver rhinestones, lots of ribbon, studs, and chains. Think it’s too many bedazzlement pieces? THINK AGAIN.

Snooki’s bedazzled sunglasses.
Photo: Courtesy of @Sn00ki’s Twitter

BAM. Now this is how you bedazzle, people. Cover every inch of your sunglasses with rhinestones, put a chain around your frame, throw a lock and key on there for a bit of mystery, and you’re good to go! These glasses obvi have AMAZING UV protection from the sun because, um, you can’t see through them. Also, DON’T THINK WE DIDN’T NOTICE THAT THIS DOUBLES AS A MONEY SHOT FOR THOSE HELLO KITTY NAILS, GURL. Werk.

Snooki’s bedazzled hat.
Photo: Courtesy of @Sn00ki’s Twitter

Next up? Hats! Snooki picked a pink baseball cap to “bling out” to her little meatball heart’s desire. She decorated it with leopard ribbon (of course), a rhinestone cross with angel wings, another lock and key, stars, blue rhinestones, a chain, and gold safety pins for a punky edge. We had NO idea Snooki had such an artsy side to her! Do we smell an Etsy account in the near future? We hopeeeee so!

+ Would you buy any of Snooki’s self-made accessories?

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