How To Make Out With Someone While Wearing A Fedora: Justin Bieber Edition

Justin Bieber kisses Selena Gomez for a photo.
Photo: Justin Bieber's Instagram

There are a few social riddles that intertwine fashion and relationships. Most of them involve kissing, and most of them are also learned in your youth, in your earliest relationships. Thanks to a swift Instragram photo shot by girlfriend Selena Gomez, we're privy to evidence of THE Justin Bieber sorting his way through one such lesson: how to make out with someone while wearing a fedora.

No stranger to the hat game, it's not uncommon to see The Biebs sporting a brightly colored 59Fifty or some other flat-brim on the reg, but this fedora is new and tricky business. With a cap, you can always swing the brim around to the back for an unobstructed smooch and bring it to the front again with full faith that it looks just the way it did before, but the fedora is another story. An advanced-level chapeau like this takes special attention to create the perfect angle, which makes moving or removing it kind of a non-option. Thus, Bieber's tactic here: throw all caution to the wind and just go in for the kill. You may think this is just about the hat, but he's acquiring real RELATIONSHIP wisdom here too! Sometimes it's just not about you anymore, and you just have to suck it up, look a little ridiculous, smush your nose all up in there, and GET THAT SUGAR. Because uh, HAI, you date Selena Gomez (who is CRAY about you BTW), so who cares about anything else??

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