The Blonds Melt Faces With Stunning Retro Playboy Glamour And Bombshell Hair

The Blonds Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

BUNNIES at New York Fashion Week! The Blonds x Playboy is so peanut-butter and chocolate in the PERFECT ratio. Or caramel and sea salt. Or the toasty crook of a still-sleeping boy's arm that you can lock your shoulders into as you steal all the covers thereby waking him up but dropping into a REM-state slumber that you can't be jostled awake from. You know, good stuff (LOL can you tell we're dying for food and companionship on this our FINAL DAY of Fashweek?). The three-year collaboration between the spectacular, flaxen-haired duo, Phillipe and David Blond (who are responsible for outfitting Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé) and the Haus of Hefner (they dress The Playmate of the Year) culminated in last night's show in New York's Meatpacking District in a disco ball blowout of gobsmackingly MEGA proportions.

The impossibly leggy designer and model Phillipe Blond opened and closed the show in a dazzling display of phosphorescent awesome, and though attendees tittered impatiently under what felt like diner heat lamps, we quickly learned that the mini floodlights made every shard and sequin SPARKLE to where even the most jaded fash-weary amongst us gasped. Face. Melt.

Jay Manuel, Kat Graham, and Amanda Lepore.
Photo: Getty Images

The Blonds, true to form, presented HIGH-OCTANE, stylized magic that we'll be sure to see on the taut goddess bods of our favorite performers as well as any number of the lustrous guests seated in front row like Kat Graham and Amanda Lepore. America's Next Top Model judges and life coaches like J. Alexander and Jay Manuel were also in attendance.

Hair was teased and bombshell-big, eyes were catlined and dramatic, and it's no surprise that in our EXCLUSIVE interview with both Blonds that Barbarella and Jessica Rabbit with her coke bottle physique and sex-kitten tresses were cited as an inspiration. Plus, check out what the ridic hot Kat Graham has to say about her instant love affair with the collection.


The Blonds Spring 2012 Presented By Playboy

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