Shiny Shards Trend Takes Over Spring 2012 Runway At New York Fashion Week

Shards for Spring 2012 at The Blonds, Betsey Johnson, and Sherri Hill during New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

Move over metallics and sequins, there are new guys in town, and these rebellious fellas are hellz bent on stealing your fashion spotlight. That's right, say hello to SHARDS! (Cue warrior-like music mixed with eery glitches and pops.) New York Fashion Week had its fair share of shiny surfaces and sequin spectaculars for Spring 2012, but for something altogether different (and, literally, EDGIER), we're going to endorse style shards for the win. Not only do they catch eyes from a distance, they can be downright dangerous-looking when viewed up close, and thus, up your own danger-girl prowess potential.

The Blonds showed off some serious shards with their Playboy bunny-inspired gold bodysuit. We're totally into the matching bunny ears, too. At Betsey Johnson, a low-cut, hot pink dress was covered with multicolored shard-ish baubles that made for a cute rather than I'LL-CUT-YOU type of silhouette. Sherri Hill—in all of its Kardashian front row glory, thanks to Kendall Jenner's walk down the runway—is more of an evening wear brand of ball gowns and embellished cocktail dresses. But that didn't stop her from throwing some shard-tasticness into the mix with a short, strapless, silver sheath that had a crazy shiny surface as well as multiple shard edges. It's like having two superhero powers in one!


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