This Is A Stormtrooper Helmet Made From Adidas Superskate Mids

Photo: eBay

If I were still with my Star Wars-obsessed ex-boyfriend, I'd probably be bidding on this Adidas X Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet for his Christmas present or a "just because" gift ('cause, you know, I was an excellent girlfriend AND I REALLY HOPE HE'S READING THIS). That's because, despite the fact that the helmet is made using two pairs of Adidas shoes and mouth-breathing into sneaker all day long isn't necessarily my idea of a fabulous time (also, masks are scary, let's face [heh] it), I recognize the unbelievable creativity behind this piece. SO SICK.

Made by Freehand Profit for Star Wars Remix, where artists "remix" elements to create their favorite scenes or characters from the movies, this one-of-a-kind work of art is constructed with Adidas X Star Wars Superskate Mids that are intricately twisted, molded, and shaped to encase an EFX Studio Stormtrooper prop helmet. And it's not merely decorative; the helmet, complete with holes for important stuff such as breathing and vision, is ACTUALLY WEARABLE for occasions like Halloween, sci-fi cons, looking awesome, ruling at life, and vanquishing your foes because their heads have exploded from jealousy. See, these freakin' shoes are basically doing you, like, nine favors. Bid now!

{via eBay}

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