Jeremy Scott Loves 'Farmer Chic' For Spring; Adores Katy Perry And Rihanna

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott backstage at his Spring 2012 show.
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It was all about flyover-state style (or is it hayseed chic?) for Jeremy Scott at New York Fashion Week this afternoon. We're talking ENORMO, straight-up TUMBLEWEED-sized bouffants at the crown that ended in little ringlets and smatterings of freckles drawn in at the models' T-zones. Blessedly the glam squad left Andrej Pejic's porcelain complexion unadulterated (seriously, we're talking GLOWING skin that looks like it's comprised of a trillion little LED lights), but even with über-stylized hair and makeup the clothes would not be upstaged. Obviously, since we're talking Jeremy Scott.

Milk Studios was BEYOND bustin' at the seams with sparkly faces. MTV Style favorite Kat Graham was in attendance (wearing the designer and Gasoline Glamour shoes), as was Sky Ferreira, Cory Kennedy (the L.A. set always reps strong at Scott), Paper Mag's Mickey Boardman, Michael Stipe, Leigh Lezark, Ellie Goulding, and, well, basically everyone who you'd expect to be at this show.


Jeremy Scott Spring 2012

Jeremy Scott Spring 2012 show.
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OK, sorry, but sidebar: Do you guys remember Oliver Stone's U Turn, you know the one where J.Lo's wicked hot and hate-bangs Sean Penn and Nick Nolte? WELL, in it Claire Danes and Joaquin Phoenix play this loony tunes couple (watch the movie, it's amazing) who's basically the BEST when it comes to personal style, and EVERYTHING about this J. Scott show totally reminded me of them. Now, let me explain.

We're talking bleached denim crotch shorts with knee-length tassels, shorty overalls (for boys and girls), bustier tops, COW PRINT, cacti both printed AND woven into sweaters, and even a sequin trompe l'oeil dress with a bikini body designed on top, as well as a sequined dress that was a pop art sack of potatoes (mmm...potatoes...). There were ASS-LESS CHAPS (no joke) in pleather and vinyl that were trotted out to Mötley Crüe's "Girls, Girls, Girls" and Juice Newton's "Queen of Hearts," but the thing that just MADE the collection for me was the vertically roll-dyed denim, which is SUCH a spot-on reference to the high-waisted jeans (you know, the CLASSIC elongated yoke [like hot mom jeans]) that Wranglers and Steele did in the '80s. They're not railroad stripes but multicolored with varied thicknesses (think Paul Smith but a lashing of TRASHY).

It's these nerdling Easter eggs that makes seeing these clothes up close so rewarding, but EVEN MORE rewarding is that we got to hightail it backstage after the show to talk to the designer himself. We talked about his style muse Katy Perry, how much he appreciates his faithful celeb supporters like Kanye West, Rihanna, and Lil Wayne, PLUS his favorite piece in the entire Spring 2012 collection!


Jeremy Scott Spring 2012

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