Does Ashley Greene Wear Zac Posen To Bella And Edward's Wedding In 'Breaking Dawn--Part 1'?

Ashley Greene in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1" and a Zac Posen Resort 2011 dress.
Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment/Zac Posen

Anytime ANYTHING Breaking Dawn-related emerges, we must stop everything we're doing to concentrate fully on whatever new VAMPTASTICNESS (or WOLFMAZINGNESS, depending on what team you're rooting for) is at hand. We have to scrutinize, stare intensely, then rewatch it over and over again so as to imprint upon it and, hopefully, cause the movie to magically appear in its entirety before our very eyes. (Really, can Nov. 18 hurry up and get herrrre?) So, now that a NEW trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1 has been released (and oh my CULLEN, is it GAHHHHMAZING), we had to fashion-focus on the wedding outfits—which we were only shown mere glimpses of—to see who was wearing what. Luckily, thanks to a Twitter tip-off from @courtjustice (MEGA SHOUT-OUT!), we didn't have to focus that intensely because her lazer-gaze sleuthing has uncovered the possibility that Ashley Greene (aka Alice Cullen) might be wearing a Zac Posen bridesmaid dress! Let's BREAK this DAWN—we mean down—shall we?

While they do appear to be very similar in texture, shape, and lilac loveliness, the Alice version seems to dart down into a pattern across the torso while the Posen dress has more of a waistband. Also, the Posen version has a see-through tulle thing happening toward the bottom and Alice's looks feathery in that area. (And, in general, Alice's dress is sparklier, or that could just be her inner vampiness sparkling through—we jest.) The only other thing we know about the Alice dress is that it has a corset. Hmmmm, we can't tell if the Zac dress has any corset action going on, but STILL, the colors and shoulders are insanely similar, and both dresses look like they could be sisters, right? We KNOW Alice knew what she was doing when she picked out this dress too. Did she have something made that was inspired by the Posen collection? Or did she buy the Posen dress and have it slightly altered? OR maybe Zac Posen designed something specifically for her?! WE JUST DON'T KNOW and, frankly, our blood is thinning just thinking about it. Thus, we throw it out to you: Do you think Alice's bridesmaid dress is a Posen?

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