Carine Roitfeld Fondles Jared Leto, Daphne Guinness Photo-Bombs; Everything Is Amazing

Daphne Guinness, Carine Roitfeld, and Jared Leto at the Westway in NYC.
Photo: Courtesy of Terry Richardson's Tumblr

Sweet succotash on a stick, what words could I POSSIBLY conjure to add anything to this photo? Terry Richardson muse, beloved handsome-machine and 30 Seconds To Mars frontGOD Jared Leto is locked in an embrace with non other than former French Vogue EIC, Chanel stylist, and current something-something ambassador/"guest editor" of Barneys New York, Carine Roitfeld. AND not only is the whippet-thin, glamour-puss matching Jared's smoldering gaze to the bajillionth degree, she is also wearing ruched lamé fabric, which kiiiiiinda blows my mind with its retro ballsiness.

And, as if Jared's reliably gravity-defying coif + sleeveless John Lennon-homage "New York" tee wasn't enough FASHUN, we get the added bonus of none other than style icon THEEEEEEEE DAPHNE GUINNESS photo-bombing that ish, positively duh-ripping in bejeweled lace and making a priceless face that does wonders for her whole exotic bird-of-prey steez that she NAILS with majesty every time. Thanks, New York Fashion Week. You make us want to ram a pen in our tear ducts from fatigue but you also make us happy.

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