Kelly Osbourne, Victoria Justice, Alexa Chung, And More Stars At Fashion Week

Kelly Osbourne, Victoria Justice, and Alexa Chung at New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

As glamorous and exciting as Fashion Week is, it can also be a really stressful, overwhelming time. I mean, amid all the unveilings of trends, the ogling of pretty vestments swiftly traipsing up and down the runways, and the rampant star-spotting, how can you keep up?? You're only human, you know?!! (Note: I hope the intense sarcasm I laced throughout those words is reaching you across the interwebz because those are all definitely things that make this time AMAZING.) If you're at all distraught by the volume of celebrities and all their incredible wardrobe choices throughout this week, like Kelly Osbourne's black and gold getup at the Zac Posen show, Victoria Justice and her super-high top knot, and Alexa Chung in a ruffle-neck blouse and khaki jacket, never fear. We've been keeping track of all the stars' appearances and each fabulous ensemble with a handy-dandy flipbook (updated daily!). Check it out and follow along with us after the jump!


+ What's behind the jump? Check out Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Szohr, Nicki Minaj, and MANY MORE in our Stars at New York Fashion Week gallery, which is updated daily. You are SO welcome.

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