Nicki Minaj, Thunderbolt Earrings, And Candy-Colored Mini Ballgowns At Betsey Johnson Spring 2012

Nicki Minaj Betsey Johnson

Nicki Minaj and Betsey Johnson backstage at the Spring 2012 Betsey Johnson show.
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Backstage at the Betsey Johnson show for New York Fashion Week was INTENSE. Seriously, it was a 1-to-1 ratio of models + handlers + champagne pourers + makeup artists + hair stylists + to ALL. THE. PRESS. The z-racks were FESTOONED with sequined dresses, flowing florals, animal prints, and a gang of alarmingly tall naked chicks who are apt to give a blogger body dysmorphic disorder if it weren't for the fact that they were lithe and beautiful to the point that they no longer have anything to do with human persons. Plus, it really gives you a whole new appreciation for the tacit agreement that so few images of mammary glands hit the internet because the boobs really do fly in mid-change.

Betsey was holding court like the unflappable OG that she is, graciously stopping for photographs and deftly dodging the mics that people kept trying to javelin her face with, and Nicki Minaj even made an appearance. At that point it was a wildebeest crossing of papps craning to catch a flick, and bully for the ladies who looked radiant and unruffled the whole time.

Also, that's about the time my brain broke because BETSEY JOHNSON AND NICKI MINAJ TOGETHER IS A LOT OF INFORMATION. It just makes me happy that they make each other happy. Anyway, on to the clothes!

Betsey Johnson Spring 2012

Looks from the Spring 2012 Betsey Johnson show.
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It's little surprise that prints were HUGE for Spring 2012, and the ubiquitous pajama-ish palazzo pants that have swished down the runway on repeat this season were strong at Betsey Johnson, with sky-high waists in floral and leopard. The bias-cut floral dresses that made Betsey such a '90s cult favorite were presented at longer lengths with plunging backs that, when complemented by ethereal trousers and pin curls, made for a decidedly '20s and '30s-ish vibe.

Although I did peep a little hat tip to the '60s-by-way-of-the-'90s (it was a very specific time) in one or two crochet dresses as well (jeez, remember when EVERYONE wore floor-length florals with crochet dusters and bell sleeves? Very En Vogue in their heyday. [And very revealing that I am an old woman.]).

Betsey Johnson

Models backstage at the Spring 2012 Betsey Johnson show.
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But let's not be CRAZY. It's Betsey, and though romantic silhouettes made a play, there was PUHLENTY of bad-assery in the form of suuuuuuper-short bustled, cinch-waist dresses with impossibly HAWT boned satin bodices (schwiiiiiing) as well as little nods to the '40s in the form of trompe l'oeil "tights," where the seams were drawn in with eyebrow pencils as they were during WWII when hosiery shortages were the norm. BUT, in this case, there were "Betsey"s and each model's name written in cursive on their shapely calves. Well played.

Betsey Johnson

Earrings backstage at the Spring 2012 Betsey Johnson show.
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Between sequin spangled minidresses, studded body-con short-shorts, and the silver, acrylic thunderbolt earrings (that were so MAJOR that they damn-near grazed shoulders), there were also fascinators perched on the crowns of some of the girls. And lest we get it twisted, there was none of that Euro-millinery hilarity where it looks like a starling was mashed through a juicer, with a felted piece of fallopian tube glued on—these were SERIOUS (seemingly heavy) ovals the size of a soap dish that were METAL and SPIKED and made the lovelies look like they were sprouting stalagmites BECAUSE WHY WOULDN'T THEY, SINCE THESE BISHES ARE BASICALLY UNICORNS.


Nicki Minaj Is Betsey Johnson's New Muse

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