Nicki Minaj And Anna Wintour Are Besties At Carolina Herrera; Do We Smell A 'Vogue' Cover?

Nicki Minaj Anna Wintour

Nicki Minaj and Anna Wintour at the Spring 2012 Carolina Herrera show on Sept. 12.
Photo: WireImage

Man, New York Fashion Week rules. For one whole week, not only is the entire town an absolute clusternut of the most outrageous peacock-ing, showponying, and high-octane stunting you'll see, the front row fash flick wires will occasionally BLESS you with bonkstastic images like the one you see before you now.


Nicki Minaj is seated next to Vogue EIC Anna Wintour at Carolina Herrera. And the weirdest thing is, CHECK OUT THE MIRRORED BODY LANGUAGE. Granted, Nicki is wearing HOT PINK tights with NEON GREEN mesh leggings under a cheerleader skirt and a scoop-neck situation with a strong shoulder that is dotted with row upon row of wee multicolored pompoms, and, well, Anna Wintour is going in an entirely different direction, but I do want y'all to note the DIESEL STRING OF ENORMO DIAMONDS around Ms. Wintour's collar that's REALLY just as conspicuous.

So the juxtapositioning of these two women is a dandy sight gag, and not to be on the mongering tip rumor-wise, BUT let's break down what is actually going on. Carolina Herrera IS a major show but not necessarily a designer we could see our girl Nicki working. Given the fact that she is seated next to Anna, who is typically flanked by Vogue staffers (scarlet-tressed Grace Coddington is two seats over for example), this definitely makes us think...WILL NICKI BE ON THE COVER OF VOGUE???? Man, we hope so. Aaaaand, we hope it features a FIFTH COLOR IN EITHER NEON OR METALLIC, OOOOOOH OR A GATEFOLD THAT SPRAYS YOU WITH COTTON CANDY SMELLS AND GLITTER WHEN YOU OPEN IT. That would be awesome.

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