Snooki Proves Love For Hats By Getting Crown Tattoo, Sporting Mini Top Hat

Snooki shows off her new crown tattoo.
Photo: @Sn00ki’s Twitter

We don’t know about you guys, but even though we’ve been busy as HECK during New York Fashion Week, there’s been a question lingering in the back of our minds: Where’s Snooki? I mean, our Jersey Shore girl has been WERKING it as a mini fashion mogul (Slippers! Perfume! Sandals! Sunglasses!), so it’s only appropriate she’d stop by some fashion shows. Luckily, we finally found the answer to our worries (via her Twitter, of course), and SNOOKI WAS GETTING A TATTOO, Y’ALL. She’s alive and well, and wait…what’s that tattoo of? Is that a pope hat? WITH A PINK BOW UNDER IT? Why yes, yes it is. Aaaamazing. She provides no further explanation on her Twitter about the meaning of the tat other than it’s her third and her favorite, but we have one SOLID guess on what it stands for: She loves hats! Like, a lot. So much, in fact, she decided to get one tattooed on her arm, AND pair it with a tiny top at the same time! SEE? We are so right. She’s a straight-up chapeau connoisseur. (Also, do you guys remember when Snooks and Deena were trying out all those fake arm tats on the boardwalk? Can you say foreshadowing?)

Snooki sports a tiny top hat on a headband.
Photo: @Sn00ki’s Twitter

Snooki tweeted a pic of herself wearing a mini top hat headband adorned with a bow and black netting (awww, just like her tattoo!). We definitely think this teeny hat matches her meatball size and adds a little pizazz to her all-black ensemble. It’s clear that her obsession with hair accessories even goes beyond the hat—peep her headwear in the top photo! Now THAT’S a hairpiece. Her black ribbon is decorated with a big pink rhinestone to accent her half updo. Cute!

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