Show Us Your Style: Fashion's Night Out [VIDEO]

We asked people to show us their style on Fashion's Night Out.
Photo: MTV

Alright, you little stylettes. Here we are in the THICK of Fashion Week. How has it been for you? We imagine you're either reading this on your smart phone as you flit from fashion show to fashion show, pretending to be assistants to major mag editors to finagle your way past steely security/PR peeps (or maybe you have your own seating assignments, we don't know!!!). OR you've dropped off the grid (but not for long) to nurse your feet in a warm bath with chamomile and lavender because those puppies are high-heeled OUT. And as I type all that, the thought of that feels reeeeally good on my brain right now. As in, if I weren't the clumsiest person alive, I would totally be writing this while my feet soak in the tub because them dogs iz BAWRKIN'!!! *sigh* The things we do for FASHUN, right? Whatevs, I can always get my knee cartilage replaced (or can I?), but the record of me looking extra fabulous on Fashion's Night Out cannot be stricken. Plus, I HAD to keep up with all the other stylish ladies and gents who came out that night. And lemme tell you, there were A TON. Check out the video after the jump to see what cute and crazy outfits we spotted hitting the pavement of Soho for FNO!


Show Us Your Style: Fashion's Night Out September 2011


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