Asher Levine Gives Us An Exclusive Tour of Nicola Formichetti's Pop-Up Shop [VIDEO]

Asher Levine at Nicola Formichetti's pop-up shop on Sept. 10.
Photo: MTV

Lady Gaga's fashion director Nicola Formichetti FINALLY opened his much-talked about pop-up shop to the world today, and, um, OBVIOUSLY we ran over there as fast as our 5-inch platforms could take us. Immediately upon walking in, we tried super hard not to fall into a mirrored trance (we seriously can't even count how many times we thought a wall was another room and walked into it. Sorry about all those fingerprints *ducks*) and got lost in a world full of GORGEOUS vintage Versace, Mugler pieces so expensive that they didn't even list the price, and, of course, THE dildo shoes Lady Gaga wore on American Idol. But remember those pop-up store exclusive Asher Levine X Nicola collab tees that we loveloveLOVE? Well, they were there in all their shining glory! And it just so happens that Asher Levine himself agreed to give us lowdown on his collaboration AND give us a tour of the store by showcasing all of his favorite items (the DAY before his S/S 2012 show, mind you. *slow clap*).

Asher Levine X Nicola Formichetti Collab

Asher explains that Nicola reached out to him for some pieces for the pop-up store, but Asher thought: "Why don't we do an exclusive?" Together they made super soft, lightweight tees with hand dyed skulls and crosses. To create the burned-out effect, he used beeswax and resist dye, and he says that YES, ladies, you can wear these tees too. Just belt it!

Asher Levine's Tour Of Nicola's Pop-Up Shop

Here are a few of Asher's fav-or-ite Nicola pop-up things: tattooed boys ("I love men with tattoos."), Rico a.k.a Zombie Boy in 3D ("LOVE digital Rico!"), a fish-leather jacket ("It doesn't smell, don't worry."), Zana Bayne's leather harnesses ("Zana Bayne has amazing bondage gear!"), and his "familiar" jacket (a.k.a the custom over-sized leather moto jacket Lady Gaga wore in Rolling Stone).

And there you have it! Pick out your OWN favorite things by stopping by the shop on 50 Walker St. in Soho. See you there!

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