Pauly D And Vinny's Alter Egos Are Your 'Jersey Shore' Style Champs Of The Night (Season 4, Episode 6)

Pauly D and Vinny (as their Joey D and Louie alter egos respectively) in their Italia track jackets.
Photo: MTV

You've all undoubtedly seen the most recent episode of Jersey Shore already. If you haven't, fine, but if you have, you know that this ep titled "Fist Pump, Push-Ups, Chapstick" obvvvviously speaks for itself here as far as the crowning of a new Jersey Shore Style Champ. The title simply COULD NOT be awarded to anyone but Pauly D and Vinny, but SPECIFICALLY as their gelled up alter egos Joey D and Louie, respectively. It'd be a crime against everyone's fash-intelligence not to.

It all started when Pauly so trustingly let Deena take the reins on his crowning glory *ba dum tsh!* for a little while. She washed the signature hard-as-diamonds blow out down the drain, fired up the hairdryer and sculpted Pauly's 'do into a (quite flattering, if we're being perfectly honest here) faux hawk. But of course, the thought of rocking any other coiffure is laughable to the dude, so he turned Deena's lovely handiwork into a joke, donning an Italia track suit, aviators, a terrycloth headband, and enlisting the aid of fellow prank-meister Vinny. The duo fist pumped, push-upped, and chapsticked into the sunset, sending Twitter into an #FPC trending circus! Meanwhile, we've started a petition to have Pauly rock the faux hawk at LEAST once a month. A season? Once in a blue moon? Seriously, we'll give anything to see that more often.

Joey D and Louie fistpumping.
Photo: Courtesy of MTVJerseyShore Tumblr

Joey D and Louie practicing a secret handshake.
Photo: Courtesy of MTVJerseyShore Tumblr

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