Justin Bieber Makes Dolce & Gabbana Appearance At FNO, Swarming Fans Block View Of Cute Outfit

Justin Bieber at Dolce & Gabbana's Fashion's Night Out on Sept. 8.
Photo: Getty Images

Oooooh, so THAT'S what Justin Bieber was wearing at his Dolce & Gabbana appearance for Fashion's Night Out last night. Hahaha, yeah it's funny because I WAS THERE. In the store. With Justin Bieber. And I couldn't see a DANG THING he was wearing. I only saw a flash of his black plastic glasses as he ran down the stairs from the upper level to greet Asher Roth (who looked adorbs, by the way) onstage for a quick little diddy together. And you know what? I WISH I COULD'VE SEEN THIS OUTFIT IRL. It's soooo cute. A purple leather jacket? Are you kidding me? That's, like, JB's signature color, and he's rocking it with such swag it's ridic. He left it open so we get a teeny peek at his black and white graphic tee and black beaded necklace. Biebs finished the look with acid wash gray jeans, unlaced black sneakers, and THOSE hipster glasses. Siiggghhh.

He was such a fast little flash of adorableness that it almost feels like it never happened, but honestly, the amount of tween girl excitement flowing through the crowd last night was something I'll never forget. I mean, even Tyson freaking Beckford was roaming through the crowd all NBD, but then you look around at all the pink sweat-drenched tank tops that waited around for HOURS for a less-than-amazing view of Justin for literally 3 minutes and you're all, "Whoa. Now that's dedication." We just want to put it out there that his fans are LEGIT, and that we need to respect it. And Justin's fashion choices too. 'Cause they're awesome. *fist pump*