Beth Ditto At MAC Wears Velvet, Gobs of Makeup, And Loves Crimped Hair At Fashion's Night Out

Beth Ditto performs at MAC's Fashion's Night Out party.
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Beth Ditto of Gossip (and her own solo career, thank you very much) performed at M.A.C. for their Fashion's Night Out event in commemoration of the kick off to New York Fashion Week. I don't know if you know what I know BUT if you had that sinking suspicion that Beth was one of those ladies who, if you met her, you'd fall madly, irrevocably, STUPIDLY in love with, you'd be 193749823749832748372% correct. She. Is. MAJOR.

Paper Mag's Creative Director Mickey Boardman and I milled (texted/Tweeted and emailed furiously) about the DJ booth (chunes courtesy of Mike Nouveau [who was dipped in head-to-toe Commes des Garcons MIGHT I ADD]) while dishy waitrons swished around with trays of stone fruit compote/ricotta crostinis, heritage bacon/parsnip mini burritos (oh, HAY) as well as champagne galore.

We were both biding our time waiting to interview Ms. Ditto who was tucked behind an alcove/green room situation at the back of the SOHO M.A.C. flagship chilling. She was affable as hell and had been presented with her humble request of a respectable cheese spread. There's just something so G about that. Aaaaaaaalmost as G as the fact that she was wearing a velvet, vintage Banana Republic dress (thrifted from Goodwill) with the tags still on the badboy. Plus, I just really appreciated the fact that she rocked the BAZONGAS out of crimped hair, a gang of makeup AND blunt bangs. Definitely not for amateurs.

We got to talk to her about who she was wearing, all her best makeup tips while performing, what goodies in her cosmetics bag that she CANNOT live without and so much more. And. Of course. We are now officially besotted. SO GOOD.


M·A·C's Fashion's Night Out With Beth Ditto

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