New York Fashion Week: BCBG Max Azria Spring 2012 Is A Sporty Dream

BCBG Max Azria Spring/Summer 2012

Models at the BCBG Max Azria Spring/Summer 2012 show in New York on Sept. 8.

Photo: Getty Images

New York Fashion Week has officially begun, and we hit the Lincoln Center bleachers hard this morning (our mega-wedges have already started to punish) in order to capture the first show of the day, BCBG Max Azria, in all its vibrant glory. Although the rain-slicked streets of upper Manhattan were threatening to pull us down on the metal inclines leading up into the "tents," once inside the backstage area, it was nothing but a pulsating, heart-thumping fashion FRENZY. Let's just say our fingers not only secretly faux-caressed numerous floaty dresses hanging in the model changing area, but they might have also rumbled with the manicured digits of model Arizona Muse in the vicinity of the yogurt station. But the clothes, you ask? Well, the clothes, fashion gang, were vibrant wisps of wonder.

MTV Style spoke with Lubov Azria, BCBG chief creative officer and wife of designer Max Azria, before the show about the current collection. She said that the BCBG girl "loves to dress up and have fun," and that for spring it's all about a sporty, active lifestyle lived to "a tribal beat." Inspired by tracksuits, most of the silk dresses that sailed down the runway had a tremendous amount of movement to them. The models looked like windswept banshees—their hair was literally slicked back across their heads, perhaps due to a phantom sweatband—and every single dress sailed behind them with jewel-tone weightlessness.

We particularly loved the chalk gray, silk chiffon dress Arizona wore, which was color-blocked across the torso in art deco orange. We could see this at a movie premiere worn, maybe, by someone like Selena Gomez if she wanted to try something more graphic and subdued in shape. Seriously, can't you see her wearing that dress with her hair piled up in a sophisticated yet messy bun? Maybe with strappy black heels, a silver clutch, and matching orange nails intertwined with Bieber's fingers? We'd like to see her wearing the electric romance these dresses inspire.

BCBG is all about celebrity dressing, and judging by the front row—which included Sophia Bush, Elisha Cuthbert, and Jordana Brewster—young Hollywood is interested in its dresses as well. What's so great about this collection is that it truly is eye-catching with the use of yellow and acid green against white and the most saturated of blues. It's a refined yet more relaxed and fun way to dress up. Who wouldn't want to throw a silky, see-through hooded jacket over a red carpet gown?


BCBG Max Azria Spring 2012

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