Is 14-Year-Old Kylie Jenner Too Young To Model For Avril Lavigne's Fashion Show?

Kylie Jenner will make her runway debut at Avril Lavigne's Abbey Dawn show this New York Fashion Week.
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It looks as though Kendall Jenner isn't the only aspiring teen model in her household. Kendall's 14-year-old sister, Kylie Jenner, will be making her runway debut at Avril Lavigne's Abbey Dawn show this New York Fashion Week. A few things are probably jumping out at you right now, the main one (maybe) being that here we have again another 14-year-old model running amok in the fashion world. (Well, OK, maybe not "amok" and maybe not "running" because that's hard to do in heels, and we would know.)

Sure, you may be scandalized by the concept of wee baby models and vow your disapproval of all these YA fashion muses, but we think maybe there's just the teensiest sliver of a difference here. This may be splitting hairs (while also conveniently addressing your burning questions about how this whole Kylie-Avril connection came to be), but wouldn't you say that oftentimes, the greatest concern with young girls modeling is the worry that these green ladies could be exploited by some alien corporate behemoth? You know, something sparks a tremor of fear that they don't know any better and all their fresh-faced innocence is being rapidly stripped away by having to front a brand rather than, I dunno, catapulting themselves off a swing set or something.

As far as this particular little Abbey Dawn matchup, we posit that you not fret your pretty little heads so much, you beautiful mama hens, because this relationship was forged in family (perhaps in addition to fine print and red tape and "sign here," but in family nonetheless). Hopefully you hadn't all forgotten that Avril's main squeeze sk8er boi is ex-Hills-ie Brody Jenner, who is ALSO Kylie's half-brother! Now, that's not to say that Kylie doesn't have her own well-earned cred to bring to the table—she has already modeled in shoots for Sears and Nick Saglimbeni—but we're positive the familial connection played at least a little part in helping this all go down and will, more importantly, help ensure things are handled with Kylie's best interests at heart. Regardless of logistics, we look forward to seeing Kylie light up the catwalk in Avril's first ever fashion week showing of Abbey Dawn!

{via WWD}

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