Get Pauly D's Nicki Minaj Tee For Under $25

Pauly D wears a Nicki Minaj tee.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Hot Topic

If anyone truly deserves the moniker "Sweetheart" on the cast of Jersey Shore, it's actually the über-adorable Pauly D. Absolutely no offense meant to Sammi or anything (and we sincerely hope she doesn't take this personally), but we just see this pic of Pauly—friendly eyes, impeccable blowout, diamonds glinting like the twinkle in his smile—and we cannot help but let out a little, "AWWww!" You see, with all the charisma and DJ swag he's emitting, this graphic tee (under $25 at Hot Topic, we might add) with the visage of co-Britney Spears opener Nicki Minaj emblazoned across his midsection is such a display of GRATITUDE and whole-hearted fandom, we can't contain ourselves!

Pauly has been opening for Nicki and Brit on the Femme Fatale tour for quite a while now. We imagine the three have gotten preeetty familiar by now. Heck, Brit's already even given Pauly an onstage lap dance. And yet, humbly, Pauly dons a crew neck with his fellow opening act's face on it. It's almost too sweet to bear, and we're smiling so hard the apples of our cheeks are tired! The only thing that could top this were if Nicki pulled a Tiffani Thiessen/Bieber move and wore a shirt with PAULY'S face on it! *crosses fingers and furrows brow tight enough to block several blood vessels*

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