Nicole Richie Brings Back 'Head Thong' For House Of Harlow 1960 Campaign

A still from Nicole Richie's 2011 Fall campaign video for House of Harlow 1960.
Photo: Courtesy of ShopBop's YouTube channel.

Backpedal with me for a sec to a few months ago. It was mid/late April, if you're really following along. We caught one Miss Vanessa Hudgens and the fashion-forward Nicole Richie BOTH sporting a quizzical head accessory that we could only describe accurately as a "head thong." I meannnn, what would you call it? It's a piece of stringy head jewelry bisecting your dome in what looks like (to us, at least, as we suffer from insane levels of immaturity, snickering at potty humor, yadda yadda) a bit of a rump-like fashion. Now the crown adornment has resurfaced in Nicole Richie's fall campaign for her jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960, parting her tousled waves with such bohemian efficacy.

Truthfully, the foreign accessory perplexed our staff for at least a good three days and spurned a roundtable outpouring of the complicated feelings welling up in our midsections. It's not that we didn't like it. No way. Not when V.Hudge and Richie wore it so well. It was just...boiling our mortal gray matter a little. Would it translate to the lay (i.e., non-celeb) masses? Would this turn into a trend? And how quickly did we need to hop on it? It's been many moons since those days of blissful ignorance, and since then we've seen these "headdresses" and "goddesses" and metal whosawhatzits become more familiar. Who knows, we may have even picked up a few for ourselves. *wink*

{via StyleCaster}

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