Taylor Swift Wears Christian Siriano In Wonderstruck Ad

Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck ad and the Christian Siriano 2011 Spring Runway look.
Photo: Courtesy of Taylor Swift/Getty Images

It seems these days that putting out a fragrance is somewhat of a rite of passage for celebs, especially those with an abundantly female fanbase. Taylor Swift is not exception to this rule, having just launched the campaign for her perfume "Wonderstruck." The ad features Tay Tay with flowy big-barrel curls and a punchy red pout set against a plush woodland backdrop, where fully-functioning chandeliers are suspended from...the treetops?

Listen, when you're advertising a scent by the name "Wonderstruck," you have unlimited creative license, all right? If anything, T. Swift could be riding a unicorn over a river of childhood memories and sequins and any critique of logic would STILL be wholly unwarranted. What's more, with a name so fanciful and "Enchanted" *ba dum tsh!*, you need to be wearing a dress that embodies all of those things. The natural choice here is obviously one of the mega-dramatic frocks from Christian Siriano's 2011 spring/summer collection.

Taylor appears in her ads swaddled in the same entrance-making strapless gown that Nicki Minaj wore performing on Saturday Night Live this past January. Onstage, the dress gave Nicki the appearance of floating torso-deep in a (very elegantly tiered and ruffled) cloud, and for Taylor, it adds the necessary dose of airy magic and light-reflecting wonderment needed to complement and encapsulate her perfume. Also, it's really, really pretty. And I'll mayyyyybe probably have a dream in which I wear it tonight. As a princess, obviously. #dontbejealous

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