Pharrell Williams Gives 'OK' To Chic Cozywear In New 'Tokyo Rising' Documentary For Palladium Boots

Pharrell Williams at the Palladium Boots "Tokyo Rising" screening.
Photo: Getty Images

Let's just put it out there—Pharrell Williams' style game is on LOCK. Like, he's found a way to perpetually never mess up any ensemble he throws on, and we THINK we might have figured out why. Pharrell doesn't try too hard! He just wears simple, well-fitted, comfortable attire everywhere, which makes him ooze confidence in a we-seriously-can't-even-handle-it kind of way. Case in point: Pharrell at his Palladium Boots Tokyo Rising screening this week in NYC. He kept his look easy peasy—he wore a crisp V-neck white tee, gray cardigan, distressed jeans, Chanel beaded necklace, black lace-up boots, and a fitted cap. And listen, we know we've seen this Pharrell look before (well, partially), but he was promoting his Palladium Boots-sponsored five-part web series called Tokyo Rising, where camera crews follow him around the city after the tsunami talking to artists about how the horrific event affected their lives. But, um, we have a little something to admit—we couldn't keep our eyes off Pharrell the wholleeee time!

Pharrell Williams in "Tokyo Rising."
Photo: Courtesy of Palladium

Every time he'd enter a scene we'd IMMEDIATELY lock our eyes on him because we're obsessed with his too-cool-for-school casual outfits. One of our faves? Mr. Williams in a simple gray crew-neck tee and to-die-for red Grey Ant "Status" sunglasses. If you plan to watch the entire series, get ready for A LOT of distressed jeans, fitted caps, and solid tees on Pharrell while he rides around town on a bicycle (AWW) and peruses through small Tokyo shops. Every dude can take some tips on his relaxed yet chic man-about-town style! We know we have.

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