Colton Haynes In Loungewear: Just As Hot As We Imagined, Thanks To 'Wonderland Magazine'

Colton Haynes Wonderland Magazine

Colton Haynes in "Wonderland Magazine."
Photo: Courtesy of Paul Jasmin/Wonderland Magazine

WHOA WHOA WHOA. Hold the phone, y'all. We know it's no surprise that Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes is a total babe, and after seeing his fashion-y side explode all over the pages of Bullett Magazine, we KNEW we were on to something. But we were not expecting this! Colton Haynes. In—what looks like—his jammies. In Wonderland Magazine. Yeah, yeah. We can stare at dudes ALL DAY in their skinny ties and well-fitted suits, but there's something about seeing a guy when he's just hanging around the house looking impeccably FIIIOONEE that just does us in. Like, if you dated Colton, he would look like this. All the time. His muscly muscles would be out in all their glory, and they'd glisten in the sunlight. GLISTEN. Siiigghhhh.

On the left, Colton sports a blue and white graphic Tsubi tee with rolled up sleeves (to show off his biceps better, obvi) and on the right he's wearing a Calvin Klein white tank and NO PANTS!! JK, we made that part up. But a girl can dream, RIGHT?!! Sigh. He just looks so cuddly and cozy that we want to curl up in a ball RIGHT next to him. Like, is it just us or is his armpit BEGGING us to come nuzzle in it? We're guessing it smells like manly body wash and Speed Stick, but who are we kidding? Even if it DIDN'T smell shower fresh we'd still get all up in that. Ahahaha. Ha. Ahhhhh. ANYWHO. Colton's beauty game is perfection, per usual. He's got baby-smooth skin and not a HAIR is out of place. If he looks this good just after a long night's slumber, we're officially giving up because our mascara-smeared faces would be NOTHING compared to him. So for our sanity, just don't tell us. Please, just...just don't.

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