Julian Casablancas Is The Face And Voice For Azzaro's New Decibel Fragrance

Julian Casablancas for Azzaro Decibel.
Photo: Courtesy of Azzaro's YouTube channel.

The worlds of fashion and music collide in the new ads for Azzaro's Decibel fragrance starring Julian Casablancas, aka the frontman of The Strokes. Shot in stark black and white (ooooh, edgy), the first ad has him singing the new song "I Like the Night" in a glitter jacket (oh, SNAZZ!) while glaring at the camera with some mega swagger-style and clean hair. Wait a minute—clean hair?! Someone get the smelling salts, because I'm about to PASS OUT on my fainting couch—er, desk. This is unprecedented, folks! Looks like Azzaro's intent on upping its rock and roll factor with this new collaboration, especially with the choice of bottle design.

Let's see, dB stands for DECIBEL, decibel means music, Julian is a rock musician, and thus the bottle is a—wait for it—MICROPHONE. Makes sense! What doesn't make sense is that we don't get to see more of what Julian C is wearing in this too-short clip. While on repeated rewind and pause, it appears as if his tuxedo jacket is made of sequins, but upon further zooming scrutiny, it looks like some sort of sparkly harlequin pattern. Either way, LOVE. It's also nice to hear the name of the fragrance announced en français. It's all very chic, no? It has a, how do you say, certain je ne sais quoi stylishness to it, yes? Still, we wonder what Eau d'Julian smells like. We'd say leather, but this ad makes us think more along the lines of smoke-tinged velvet.

Decibel fragrance for Azzaro.
Photo: Courtesy of Azzaro's YouTube channel.

{via Racked}

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