'The News According To Snooki' Is Full Of Style

Snooki tries her hand at being an anchorwoman.
Photo: Courtesy of Cambio

Did you know that Snooki has always wanted to be an anchorwoman? Well, thanks to Cambio, the little meatball's dream came true! Kind of. For "The News According to Snooki," she was set up with her very own world map and note cards (all hot pink, of course) to deliver the latest news. But, as we all know, Snooki can't have a hand at anything without making it totally her own (see her desktop for example, displaying a jar of pickles plus hair spray and lipgloss for emergency touch-ups), and for this fashion-mogul-in-the-making, that ensures style will be a hot topic no matter what.

Decked out in more accessories than I've seen on an entire HOST of news anchors, Snooks covers the recent reveal of Beyoncé's pregnancy, which will yield a baby that is "tan, obviously." She commends a 75-year-old woman who just recently got breast implants, and totally disregards the Surgeon General's call for health over hair, responding by enveloping herself in a cloud of hair spray. Even her recap of Hurricane Irene is style-centric as she lists the perils of being without power after the storm, citing first, "you can't straighten your hair. You can't blow-dry your hair," before moving to a more serious note, genuinely hoping for everyone's safety on the East Coast. Oh, Snookster. You're hilars, and we totally heart you.


{via Cambio}

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