Hayley Williams, Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen, Vanessa Hudgens, And More At Fashion Week


Hayley Williams, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen at Fashion Week.
Photo: Wireimage.com/Getty Images

Oh hullo, Mary-Kate Olsen. Also, Ashley Olsen. And Vanessa Hudgens. Plus, Hayley Williams from Paramore *hat tip*. Boy, oh boy, lemme tell you laaaaaaydeeeeez, there's just SOMETHING about this third Red Bull at the wee hour of 12:35 a.m. ET at my desk after Fashion's Night Out that makes your lovely faces such a welcome sight. ERGO, it HAS TO BE fashion week. Or VMAs. Or a red carpet event. Oooooor the fact that I just love uppers, wrinkle-free foreheads, and MAYHAPS need a life.

Anyhoo, it is day one of NYFW and despite the attention paid to designer ensembles, stunning heels, and generally stunting all over the place like you've replaced food with other people's jealousy as sustenance, all it means for us internet feeders and professional typists is that we are tired, HANGRY, and eat tater tots at barf o'clock while legging it here and yon JUST to find out where all the STAAAAHS AAAAAH.

Because look at them. It's just so soothing to watch all the lovelies in all their prettylady plumage and shiny hair. It's like a snow globe of gorgeousness. A diorama of what your life would be if only you'd made all the right decisions. WHY DIDN'T YOU MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS? *swallows hard and tries not to cry* JKJKJKJK whatevs, I wouldn't trade that life for NOTHING. Certainly not this FOURTH Red Bull and these omnom tots. SO...ON TO THE SPOILS. We've got erryone from the BCBG show, The People Style Watch pardee and more.


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