Snooki Talks Perfume, Slippers, And Sunglasses On 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno'

Snooki on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."
Photo: Getty Images

It's clearer than ever that our girl Snooki is most def catalyzing her very own "style revolution," building herself into a Jersey Shore mogul with quite literally a FLEET of Snooki-branded products and literature. Like any good hands-on businesswoman, she's taking to the streets (and by "streets," we actually mean "network television") to promote her work, hooking people up with Snooki swag all along the way. During last night's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno appearance, she discussed the upcoming fall release of her fragrance. Though no name or actual scent notes were revealed, she DID drop that it definitely won't smell like pickles—not that she didn't already try out the idea.

Snooks said she really did test out a pickle scent for her perfume, but that it "smelled like pickles and grass and it was just gross," so that plan went quickly out the window. She did say that whatever perfume she does put out will be "flirty and bubbly, you know, like my personality...and obviously something DTF." LOL and also *sigh*; we heart you, Snookster. After having to explain the acronym to Jay Leno and fellow guest Jeff Bridges on national late-night television (in front of her DAD, no less), she hooked Jay and Jeff up with some free sparkly sunglasses and metallic slipper swag from her collections.


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