Karl Lagerfeld Directs A Video Featuring Snoop Dogg, Our Fash-Brains Explode

Karl Lagerfeld and Snoop Dogg.
Photo: Getty Images

Fashion designer and white collar aficionado Karl Lagerfeld has been hanging out with Snoop Dogg recently. WAIT, whaaaaaaaat?! Apparently, the Chanel impresario attended The Doggfather's "West Coast" party in Paris earlier this summer. (Seriously, can you see King Karl throwing West Coast hand signs up in that place, singing along to "Gin & Juice" in his succinct German accent while lecturing any gangsta he can get his hands on that it's incredibly important to think pink but NEVER wear it?) But, even more recently, Monsieur Lagerfeld was shooting a music video (he wears many hats but never on his head) in a Saint-Tropez cafe with Euro nightclub owner and music maker Jean-Roch featuring—drum roll—Snoop D. Could this mean there's a FASHION partnership on the style horizon featuring gangsta rap and couture's most celebrated kingpins?

Honestly, we can see it now: Snoop starts wearing giant (and we do mean GIIIANT) white collars with matching white ties and gloves, and his uh, "cigar" accoutrements pop out of his pockets platinum-style bearing interlocking C's. He starts to throw fashion references into his rhymes (Rollin' down the street, shoppin' indo'/Buyin' up some C's, [p]laid back), while persuading Sir Lagg (his new street moniker) to wear more gold and chillz out on a more regular basis. The two come up with a DRE CHIC fashion collab idea while relaxing amongst the books of Karl's Parisian home library one afternoon, and—voilà—the world of fashion and rap COLLIDE. Gangstas start rocking extremely tailored suits with high collars and black neckties. Fashion peeps adopt Snoop-endorsed velvet on a more regular basis and begin speaking in rhyme spouting Gangsta Luv sentiments that denounce FASHION CRIME. We don't know about you, but we NEED THIS TO HAPPEN because there's certainly enough "Ego Trippin'" from these two to start a serious style movement.

{via WWD and Fashionista}

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