Rihanna Turns To Wax, Lady Gaga Bridal Wear, And More In Fashion News

Justin Bieber Do Something Awards.

Rihanna, in wax.
Photo: Getty Images

Rihanna's got a wax figure! Madame Tussaud's in Berlin unveiled the first wax interpretation of Ri Ri wearing a blue leotard, pink garters, and her formerly crimson hair. What's even crazier is that it LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HER. Really. Wow. {via Buzzworthy}

• There are crazy rumors that Lady Gaga is engaged to her on-and-off-again boyfriend Luc Carl, so some Irish dude started placing bets on who would design her wedding dress. Her sister Natali is the current lead choice, with "balloons" being a winning dress silhouette. {via The Cut}

Madonna is teaming with Gucci to present the Gucci Award for Women in Cinema this week at the Venice Film Fest, where Her MADGEsty will also be screening her new fashion-heavy film, W.E. Also, slightly related, check out this carcass of a mutilated peacock she wore atop her well-preserved person in a photo-op with Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. {via Coco Perez}

• The Missoni for Target collection will be hitting Target stores in mid-September, and there's a new video interview with poster girl Margherita Missoni talking about the 400+ collection. We have a feeling there will be wavy stripes ALL OVER our lives once this Italian madness hits the Great Land. {via The Fashion Spot}

• Our street-style fave Solange Knowles apparently caused quite the commotion in Miami recently when she tried to enter a club carrying an unusual accessory. Allegedly, police refused to let her enter with a giant, five-foot inflatable banana, even threatening to deflate the innocent fruit. Solange took to her Twitter feed to rant about it; whereabouts of the offended banana are unknown. {via Miami Herald}

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