Full Anatomy Of Nicki Minaj's VMA Candy Raver Outfit

Nicki Minaj at the 2011 VMAs.
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Nicki Minaj was nothing short of a JOYOUSLY BIZARRE REVELATION at this year's VMAs with her much photographed and blogged about futuristic candy-pop, Harajuku-esque, club kid ensemble. (Did we forget to add cartoon robot baby-nurse? Please FORGIVE.) The Barbie-loving Best Hip Hop video winner (ONE FOR THE LADIES!!!), sent the entire VMA red carpet pre-show crowd into a screaming FRENZY when she arrived, her typically diminutive figure eLONGated by a towering beehive of bubble gum pink and lemonade yellow hair buns resting atop her head like undulating saltwater taffy (YUMMM). But it wasn't until she stood still, a Whoozit-inspired stuffed toy dangling all the way to the ground from her finger, that we had a gummi bear-induced EUREKA moment. Could Nicki Minaj's outfit be an ode to the candy raver days of yore?


Nicki Minaj at the 2011 VMAs.
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Just look at this accessory EXPLOSION. There's so much going on here. It's as if a ROBOT ANIME PRINCESS has come to life forcing you to stare, trance-like, into her metallic prism peplum while thinking about nothing but dancing ice cream cones and creepy-happy dolls. Despite the hard edges of Nicki's metal dress overlay, there's a softness to the rest of her outfit from the pouffe-y pink underskirt to the layers of socks and light color scheme. Candy ravers are all about sharing love (and candy), and we wouldn't doubt that ANIME NICKI wants to do the same, but we're afraid to hug her for fear of getting jabbed in the hip.


Nicki Minaj at the 2011 VMAs.
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Nothing says HAPPY FUN TIME (the motto of EVERY candy raver) like delicious piles of pink lemonade doughnut buns. We love that something this voluminous rests on a face-framing, pink-tinged 60s 'do (reminiscent of Aretha Franklin circa 1968). Despite it's unexpected color combo and towering height, we think this Nicki hair looks feminine and really rather pretty.


Nicki Minaj at the 2011 VMAs.
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We can't decide if Nicki's ShojonoTomo 'Thander Eye Mask' is more of the is-she-sick or is-she-a-pop-ninja variety, but either way WE LIKE IT. Way to throw an invisible-lips curveball, Miss M! CAPTIVATING!


Nicki Minaj at the 2011 VMAs.
Photo: Getty Images

Oh, HAY, Onch Movement ice cream necklace that wants to crawl into our oversized ballerina jewelry boxes! We canNOT believe that this pink and blue chained plastic NECKPIECE looks so perfect with the rest of this CRAY CRAY BANANAS ensemble. We can't, for the fuzzy backpacked life of us, figure out HOW and WHY this works but it does. It is, indeed, a frozen DELIGHT.


Nicki Minaj at the 2011 VMAs.
Photo: Getty Images

Excuse us, but is this hand stitched METAL? Nicki's Amato Couture dress is an unusual balance of hard and soft. The pointy edges of the outer dress seem to work with the lace-y underpinnings, and—WAIT—is it just us or are her purple bloomers trying to say something? Like, an actual MESSAGE?


Nicki Minaj at the 2011 VMAs.
Photo: Getty Images

Yet another piece from Japanese artist ShojonoTomo, we think this cat-eared giraffe doll just wants to play, you know? Any self-respecting plush doll baby with dancing pink bears on her tummy does, right?


Nicki Minaj at the 2011 VMAs.
Photo: Getty Images

Shojono Tomo really knocked it out with the number of items she contributed to Nicki Minaj's VMA MASTERPIECE (yeah, we decreed it), and these layered socks and legwarmers are also from what we imagine is her giggling magical elf-factory workshop. Just look at these layers of pink lips, Bambi parts, and totally random RED FURRY CREATURE TOES! If these don't make you HAPPY GO LUCKY PARTY FUN TIME, we don't know what will.

+ What do YOU think about Nicki Minaj's candy raver outfit?


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