Justin Bieber Channels Kanye West's VMA Performance Outfit From Last Year

Justin Bieber channels Kanye West at the 2011 VMAs.
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So this is one of those times when we're almost like, "Whoa, how DARE we make a comparison this colossal??" but then a second glance at this side-by-side convinces us that the better question is: Really, how could we NOT?? Justin Bieber and Kanye West are two mammothly successful mega-stars of humans who are ultra-famous and infamous, each in his own right. They have their own styles—musically and sartorially—and seldom are the two mentioned in the same breath. Until now. Because maybe we're crazy, or we're so punch-drunk from marathon blogging the WAY eventful 2011 VMAs that we're apt to say anything in such a fragile mental state as this, but we're declaring that Bieber's outfit HAS to be some sort of homage (be it subconscious or not) to Yeezy's 2010 VMA performance outfit!

Sure, Justin's definitely not sporting an exact replica of his "Runaway" ensemble, and fine, it's not like Kanye INVENTED the black-and-red color combo (something-something "Thriller" jacket?), but the similarities in silhouette and the paralleled hues right down to the chains are QUITE striking, if we must say. And we must. Could it be, perhaps, that The Biebs is using a kind of biological mimickry Jedi mind trick on us all? A means of subconsciously legitimizing his rap alter ego Shawty Mane by adopting the guise of an already widely respected rapper? It's definitely a far-fetched explanation, but you NEVER know. (Sidenote: You can thank us later when you win the District Science Fair with THAT one.)

Whatever the reason, we're sure Kanye doesn't mind, since he has aspirations of clothing the world with the line he's showing at New York Fashion Week. Honestly, he's probably flattered by the emulation, especially from someone with a steadfast following as gigantic as Bieber's. Plus, Kanye's already embarking on a new style phase. No longer the bold colors and Egyptian-esque yellow-golds of those days of yore, he's moved on to more Americana pastures. Of stars and stripes. And denim. Ombré chambray to be exact.

+ Do you think Justin Bieber channeled Kanye West for this look?


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