We Are Obsessed With Adele's Long VMA Nails: Watch Her Performance!

Adele at the 2011 VMAs.
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One of the most anticipated performances at tonight's VMAs (both for fans and for several of the VMA attendants) was most definitely Adele singing "Someone Like You." When the ladybird chanteuse emerged from the blackened stage, all you could see was her dramatic porcelain visage framed by a loosely curled, ladylike, side-ponytail (which we think could replace the side summer braid this fall). Her face was devoid of any overt makeup other than a strong set of loooong black eyelashes and (unless you blinked and missed them) even LONGER nude fingernails. Both were rather BOLD choices rendered in a subtle way, and they worked beautifully against her 1950s-style black, Barbara Tfank cinched-waist dress.

Let's just talk about these nails for a sec, OK? We already know this was the summer of NAIL ART, so it's rather unprecedented to see someone rocking the MEGA-LONG nail trend but not adorning the tips with sparkles or adding images, decals, polka dots, NADA. She was subversive and chose to make a statement with the length and keep the polish simple and BEIGE. Who wears beige to a gigantic awards show? ADELE DOES, people, and she TURNS IT UP and OUT.

+ What do you think of Adele's long, beige nails?


Adele - "Someone Like You (Live)"


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