Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Melt Faces With Their Dark, Chic, Silky VMA Style

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the 2011 VMAs.
Photo: Getty Images

OK, OK, so we know after these VMAs erryone is all up in a tizzy about Beyoncé and Jay-Z and the baby bump heard 'round the world, but would you just look at these two little love muffins? I mean, it's no secret that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are adorbz with a captial A, but the Sel'iebs/Jelena/Gomieber (Really? There's still no standardized couple moniker for these guys??) collective style star just keeps RISING, y'all!

Bieber channels a little bit of "Runaway" Kanye in a black tee and bright red pants topped with a black satin-lapel Yves Saint Laurent blazer. And his accessories game was on point—not even just for a boy!! His retro glasses and understated chains are the thoughtful selections of a red carpet veteran. And those animal-print kicks? WANT. But wait...what's that in his hand? We THOUGHT it was some strange knuckle-busting five-finger ring, but upon closer inspection, Biebs is toting an even more unusual accessory: a flesh-colored pet snake named (brace yourself) JOHNSON. *blushes* Oh, you dirty boy. I guess sometimes we need a reminder you're still a teenager.

Selena looked glamorous as always in a black lacy Julien MacDonald gown. The hi-low hem showcased her KILLER legs (they're envy-making) while still playing up the drama with that GIGANTIC dramatic back panel. Also, are you seeing this blue and green under-panelling? Because it's blowing our MINDS over here! Sel'iebs, we just. Give each other a pat on the back in between your smooches because you're killin' it.

+ What do you think of Justin and Selena's couple style?


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