VMA Presenter Jared Leto's Style Evolution

VMA presenter Jared Leto has undergone a huge style evolution.
Photo: Getty Images

We've got two things on our mind: the 2011 Video Music Awards and a "Hurricane." Apparently there is one barreling toward New York right now, but the hurricane we're obsessing over is the 14-minute, three-time nominated (Best Cinematography, Best Direction, Best Editing) epic in which we fall in love with VMA presenter Jared Leto over and over again, as he storms through New York City for his cult-inspiring band 30 Seconds To Mars. What other hurricane is there? And we have opted to turn off the Weather Channel and turn on "Hurricane," that perfect ballad of yearning, and flood our eyes with man jewelry and perfect abs and reminisce about what a long road we have been down with Jared Leto. What a long, beautiful, eyeliner and tousled-hair road.

An entire generation fell in love with the reluctant heartthrob Jordan Catalano, played by a flannel-wearing, stuttering Jared Leto. He stood in for every unnamed desire we've ever harbored. His alt-cute looks were undoubtedly a part of '90s iconography, but baby Jared Leto was just starting. Along with his hyper-acclaimed indie roles ("Fight Club," "American Psycho," "Requiem For A Dream"), Jared became a fixture onstage and aside runways. His interest in fashion appeared from the get-go, and we even have heard that he attended Alexander Wang's inaugural show based on hearsay. Color us impressed.

But in looking back at a two-decade-long career, which includes a seriously successful band, a spate of beloved movies, and every "indie" thing an actor turned rocker could conjure, we've discovered two things: First, Jared Leto doesn't age, he just grows facial hair; second, his style is as multifaceted and complex as he is.

One day he's in a sleek black blazer and looking Oscar-ready on the red carpet, and the next he is Mohawked and donning tribal face paint whilst onstage. Most actors and singers, when examining their style through the ages, go through phases: long hair; bohemian; punk. Not Jared. He seems to be going through them all, at once, which may be why he's the most versatile (and good) at what he does. We can't figure out what he'll wear (our friends at Buzzworthy think Jared should just "Deal With It") but we bet it'll be well-selected and rad. (Right, Echelon?!) And probably include sunglasses. And, of course, chipped nail polish.


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